Universal Brotherhood Spiritualist Church

 486 East Columbia Street • New Westminster, B C •  V3L 3X5

The Western Spiritualist Church of Universal Brotherhood (UBSC) was founded in March, 1981, by Reverend Mary Hietanen, a well-known and respected medium.  Sometimes known as The Universal Brotherhood Spiritualist Church, UBSC recognizes the Seven Principles of Spiritualism as presented through the mediumship of Emma Hardinge Britten (1823--1899) in a message from the spirit of social activist Robert Owen (1771--1858). 

  1. The fatherhood of God

  2. The brotherhood of man

  3. Communion of spirits and the ministry of angels

  4. The continuous existence of the human soul

  5. Personal responsibility

  6. Compensation and retribution for all the good and evil deeds done on earth

  7. Eternal progress open to every (human) soul

UBSC has the authority to train and ordain Spiritualist ministers and to award certificates of spiritual healing.  UBSC ministers are registered in British Columbia to perform marriages. Other services, including unions, namings, memorials, funerals, and dedications, are held upon request.   Healing, counselling, and private readings are also available by appointment with any of our ministers

UBSC is a registered Canadian charity.  Download our information brochure in pdf format here.
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The Universal Brotherhood Spiritualist Church (UBSC) holds services every Sunday morning, starting at 10:30 a.m.   Parking meters in our neighbourhood are not monitored until noon and there is a prepay option.  More info here.

486 East Columbia Street
New Westminster, British Columbia
Canada V3L 3X5 

Interior of UBSC

Demonstrations of mediumship and spiritual healing are an integral part of each Sunday service.  Refreshments and friendship are served following each service.  Please check our Sunday schedule.  See our location here.

Healing request slips for absent (distant) healing are available at the Center. 

On Tuesday evenings from Fall to Spring, UBSC presents programs of interest to the public.  See our Tuesday schedule.

  • Memberships are available.  As a member you are entitled to a fee reduction on courses and other events, and we appreciate your support. 
    A membership form is available at the church.
  • Volunteers are an integral part of our organization.  If you would care to volunteer, even for an occasional event, we welcome your talents. 
    A volunteer application is available here.

UBSC is wheelchair accessible.We are a fragrance free zone.

UBSC is wheelchair accessible. 

 We regret that we must be fragrance free and a pet free zone.  However, please do not ever leave your pets in a hot car.


Healing, counselling, and private readings are available by appointment with any of our ministers.

UBSC is a registered Canadian charity.  Download our informational brochure in pdf format here.

For further information please call any of our ministers.

Our Ministers are available for counselling, healing, weddings, naming services, memorials, and dedications.   Private readings are offered by appointment.

    Reverend Anna Beveridge


    Reverend Glenda McLeod

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You need not be a member to be on our mailing list, although we'd love it if you join.

We welcome your comments, ideas and suggestions, or, if you wish to be added to our e-mailing list:

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